Microfinance Focus, 15 June 2014:The Responsible Finance Forum, set up in 2011, has focused on bringing together various stakeholders of the Indian Microfinance industry to work on the responsible finance agenda and steer the sector towards sustainable growth. The objectives of the forum include adoption and adherence of responsible finance principles by microfinance institutions, facilitate better communication of responsible finance practices, and support integration of efforts of various institutions engaged in this sector. Responsible Finance Forum

As part of its initiative to raise awareness and communicate on Responsible Finance initiatives within and outside the sector, the Forum has agreed to come up with a newsletter every quarter. The first newsletter provided a comprehensive picture on the various aspects of responsible finance initiatives in the sector. The second newsletter has focused on the theme “Client Grievance Redressal Mechanisms”, one of the Client Protection Principles. The newsletter has captured information on the performance of Indian MFIs in implementing the systems and process, successful examples from the field, impact of redressal mechanisms as well as challenges in implementing these mechanisms. 

Download: Responsible Finance Forum: Quarterly Newsletter

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