GABV Announces Value-Based Banking Campaign

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Can banking be a personal and positive thing? That’s a question GABV member banks across the world will ask on 23 October 2014 through local public engagement events and global social media activity.

(I Am) #BankingOnValues is the first internationally coordinated campaign being adopted by a number of values-based financial institutions across the world. The objectives are to raise awareness of values-based banking by humanising it; highlighting the people behind this profitable approach to banking, their passion, their vision and why they’re involved. And to create interest in values-based banking; that it exists, is a global movement, and a powerful agent of social, economic and environmental change.

(I Am) #BankingOnValues is a campaign of The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV); a network of 25 financial institutions with 30,000 staff, serving 20 million clients and leveraging over US$100 billion in assets. The GABV mission puts people’s needs first and member financial institutions hold a shared commitment to finding global solutions to international problems, promoting a positive, viable alternative to the current financial system.

“We’re calling on people to get involved on 23 October,” said Paula Martin, senior adviser with the GABV Secretariat. The GABV wants to prompt thought about the relationship between banking, the economy, environment and society by stimulating conversation locally and globally about a new way of banking.

“We touch the lives of 20 million clients,” Ms. Martin continued, “and it is their choice to engage in values-based banking that allows us to leverage their hard earned money to change the world in a very positive way.

“We’re using 23 October to mark a day in the calendar that shines a light on the people behind this movement and the positive potential it has. 23 October is also a rallying call to the public that the power is in their pocket. Switching to values-based banking has a positive effect on their wealth and that of their community; providing a way people can reinforce their personal values with something as simple as their day-to-day banking transactions.”

Source: GABV

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