Mission Statement

We aim to support the sustainable growth of microfinance and social enterprise by encouraging collaboration and discussion.

Ensuring the financial sustainability and social impact of innovative economic models requires the efficient exchange of information between entrepreneurs, microfinance institutions, academics and development professionals. Microfinance Focus Europe provides the experience, professional network and communication strategies necessary for this process.

About Us

Microfinance Focus was established as a publication under the Centre for Microfinance Promotion Trust in September 2008. With a vision to build a more informed and transparent microfinance industry, Microfinance Focus became known for its commitment to high quality news and analysis.

Today, Microfinance Focus is an internationally respected communications and knowledge management service provider for microfinance, development and social enterprise professionals. MFF remains dedicated to the service of the microfinance industry, and has incorporated services that foster cooperation and the efficient management and distribution of new ideas. The growth of social enterprise has brought about important shifts in social finance, and accordingly, Microfinance Focus developed services specifically tailored to meet the information needs of this sector.

MFF is a social enterprise itself, which means our focus is people – both professionals and the communities served by the organizations we inform. Unlike other publications which have a top-down approach and tend to focus on policy, Microfinance Focus believes that solutions to social challenges will come from both directions. For this reason, we adopted a participatory approach to our journalism. Stakeholders in microfinance, international development and social enterprise are encouraged to participate in network discussions and content production alongside academics and staff. As we continue to expand our services, entrepreneurs, local women, and low-income communities will participate in this conversation as well.


  • Winner of Knowledge Promoter Award from Solution Exchange, a United Nations common initiative
  • Ranked #1 knowledge centre website worldwide by Alexa Ranking
  • Official media partner of: European Microfinance Network Annual Conference 2013, European Microfinance Week 2012, Global Microcredit Summit 2011, Sa-Dhan’s National Microfinance Conference 2009, Microfinance India Summit 2009-2012, Microcredit Campaign Summit 2010 in Africa, ACCION’s Microfinance Cracking Capital Markets 2010 and Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 and 2014.