MIX Market Awards VisionFund Cambodia Five Stars For Transparency

Microfinance Focus, April 09, 2013: VisionFund Cambodia has received top ranking for its level of transparency for all data on MIX Market. After submitting all the documents required by MIX, thier ranking improved from four diamonds to five diamonds. VisionFund Cambodia is one of three microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Cambodia that have five diamonds on MIX Market.

MIX is committed to microfinance transparency and uses a “diamonds” system to indicate an MFI’s level of transparency and supporting documentation for all data on MIX Market. A higher number of diamonds means a more transparent MFI and more reliable data.

The rules for the diamonds are as follows;

Level 1 – Profile is visible
Level 2 – Level 1 and some data on products and clients for the year
Level 3 – Levels 1 and 2 and some financial data for the year
Level 4 – Levels 1 – 3 and audited financial statements are published for the year
Level 5 – Levels 1 – 4 and rating or due diligence report is published for the year

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