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RIF II approves local currency loans for Peruvian microfinance institutions

Microfinance Focus, Sep 20, 2010: The investment committee of Rural Impulse Fund II (RIF II) the Incofin IM Fund that was launched in June 2010 has recently approved two local currency loans for Peruvian microfinance institutions, Edpyme Alternativa and Nueva Vision. It will also be providing a loan in USD to a Kompanian a microfinance institution in Kyrgyzstan.                   Rural Impulse Fund II has a fund ... Full story

Incofin’s microfinance funds get ‘strongly recommended’ M-CRIL rating

Microfinance Focus, Aug 13, 2010: Belgian microfinance fund, Incofin’s Rural Impulse Fund I and Incofin cvso have obtained ‘strongly recommended’ rating for both the financial and the social performance dimension from M-CRIL, a leading microfinance rating agency. The rating exercise was funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation. The report provides an in-depth analysis of both financial and social performance indicators at the level ... Full story

Incofin aims at closing fundraising for Rural Impulse Fund II in 2 months

Incofin aims at closing fundraising for Rural Impulse Fund II in 2 months
By Nagesh Narayana Microfinance Focus, Feb. 5, 2010: Incofin, a Belgium-based microfinance fund, is raising funds for its second Rural Impulse Fund with a target of about EUR100 million ($186 million), Incofin's equity expert in India Aditya Bhandari told Microfinance Focus. It would be a successor to the existing fund and part of it would be invested ... Full story

Incofin closed 2009 with microfinance investments in Mongolia and Indonesia

By Matthew Fuchs Microfinance Focus, Jan. 20, 2010: Incofin finished the year with investments in Xacbank, a microfinance-focused bank in Mongolia, and MBK Ventura, an MFI in Indonesia, in the month of December, said a statement from the Belgian microfinance investor. The $3 million subordinated loan to Xacbank was made through Incofin's Impulse Microfinance Investment Fund, and will have a seven-year maturity. Since beginning operations in 2001, ... Full story

Incofin Rural Impulse Fund invests $500,000 in Fundacion Dominicana de Desarrollo

Microfinance Focus, Jan. 21, 2010: The Rural Impulse Fund has recently invested $500,000 in a senior loan to Fundacion Dominicana de Desarrollo (FDD), a microfinance foundation in the Dominican Republic. The investment has been provided in local currency through the use of MFX to support the FDD's growth strategy, Incofin said in a recent statement. FDD, established in 1966, is one of oldest MFIs in Latin America ... Full story

Microfinance investments make 2009 a watershed year

Microfinance investments make 2009 a watershed year
By Asma Azmi, Assistant Editor -Microfinance Focus Microfinance Focus, Dec. 30, 2009: The year 2009 may go down as the watershed year for the Indian microfinance industry. Marked by strong growth and pioneering deals the industry is riding high, growing at a rapid pace of 100%-200% year-on-year. Attracting attention from mainstream investors, the sector accounted ... Full story

Incofin gets Govt guarantee for microfinance investments in Congo

Microfinance Focus, Dec. 16, 2009: The Flemish government has approved the request for guarantee for the Incofin investment in DR Congo, which will facilitate Incofin to invest safely in Finca Congo, a microfinance institution with more reach and posting a steady growth, said a note. Despite negative coverage, Congo microfinance institutions have managed to keep offering micro-entrepreneurs opportunities to progress, it said. Incofin in association with Finca ... Full story

Incofin`s Microfinance Investment fund increases equity stake in FIE FFP Bolivia

Microfinance Focus , Nov. 09, 2009 : Incofin's Impulse Microfinance Investment Fund has increased its stake in Bolivian MFI “FIE Fondo Financiero Privado (FIE FFP)” in a secondary transaction from the Stichting Triodos Doen fund. With this transaction, Incofin and the Impulse Fund will own a combined 15% share in FIE, making it the second largest shareholder after FIE Holding. FIE FFP has a market share ... Full story
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