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NGO based microfinance institutions to form Association in AP

Microfinance Focus, Oct 28, 2010: More than 50 NGO based microfinance institutions in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh will be meeting on October 31st with an agenda of creating an association of NGO-MFIs in the state, Microfinance Focus has learnt. The need to create such an association has emerged from the growing resentment amongst NGO-MFIs over being clubbed together with profiteering microfinance institutions who are ... Full story

Microfinance Institutions in Orissa to focus on Transparent Pricing

Microfinance Focus, Oct 28, 2010: In an attempt to prevent an Andhra like crisis from occurring in Orissa, the Indian microfinance industry association, Sa-Dhan held a chapter meeting in Orrisa on Wednesday. The meeting was attended by more than 20 microfinance institutions operating in the state. As told to microfinance Focus, during the meeting it was decided by the participating MFIs that they will all follow ... Full story

Sa-Dhan members propose to cut down interest rates by 0.5-2%

Microfinance Focus, Oct 21, 2010: Microfinance association, Sa-Dhan’s 234 members have proposed to drop the rate of interest they charge on lending to microfinance borrowers. Currently, the members are charging an interest in the range of 19%-27% and it is up to every organization to look into what extent they can cut the interest rates. They can reduce it by 0.5%-2%. Sa-Dhan has also set up ... Full story

Opinion: Microfinance Networks in India – Sleeping Giants or Late Latifs?

By Sasi Thumuluri, Microfinance Focus, Oct 20, 2010: Editor’s Note: Sasi Thumuluri is employed with Habitat for Humanity International as Global Business Strategy Manager, based in Washington DC. He is a microfinance professional with over a decade of experience in India and abroad. He follows the sector and keeps particular interest in India story. Below are edited excerpts about his opinion on microfinance networks in India: ... Full story

264 Indian Microfinance institutions reaching out to 26.7mn clients: Report

Microfinance Focus, September 30, 2010: "Financial Performance of Indian MFIs-Quick Review 2010" a report prepared by Sa-Dhan, a network body of Indian MFIs says that that the total loan outstanding for all 264 MFIs that reported to Sa-Dhan for the report is Rs.18, 343.9 crores (about US $ 4 billion) reaching out to 2.67 crore active borrowers. The report is yet to be made public. The ... Full story

PlaNet Finance India invites applications for Microfinance Process Excellence Award

Microfinance Focus, Aug 13, 2010: PlaNet Finance India is inviting applications for its 4th Microfinance Process Excellence Award to reward process excellence in microfinance institutions (MFIs), and to establish industry benchmarks and elevate the standards of process- and institutional management across MFIs in India. Governance and Price Transparency were introduced in MPEA 2010 in order to spread awareness on the importance of good corporate governance standards ... Full story

Overview of Indian Microfinance: Key takeaways from the Bharat MF Report [part-1]

Overview of Indian Microfinance: Key takeaways from the Bharat MF Report [part-1]
Microfinance Focus, April 20, 2010: SA-Dhan, a network body of majority of Indian Microfinance Institutions has released its sixth annual Side-by-Side Report of Microfinance in India for the year 2008-09. The report is preceded by a Quick Report that is a compilation of unaudited data by MFIs for the purpose of spotting trends in the ... Full story

Regulate Microfinance institutions based on activity, not legal form: Mathew Titus of SA-Dhan

By Ramesh Kumar Microfinance Focus, Feb 18, 2010/New Delhi : Mathew Titus, Executive Director of Sa-Dhan shares his vision and concerns about microfinance in an exclusive interview with Microfinance Focus Consulting Editor Ramesh Kumar. Here are excerpts: Microfinance Focus: Microfinance in its current form is more than 30 years old. How has been its journey in India so far? Mathew Titus: Growth continues to be good. Organizations in ... Full story

FICCI’s conference to focus on HR issues to scale up MFIs

Microfinance Focus, Jan. 13, 2010: Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing a Conference on "Scaling the MFI Activity by Strengthening Human Resource" on Jan. 21-22, 2010, in New Delhi to address the human resources (HR) challenges faced by rapidly growing Microfinance Sector. "The need to develop sound and viable human resource management to deal with microfinance growth is an on-going process. ... Full story

SA-DHAN- FICCI conference to focus on responsible microfinance and financial inclusion

Microfinance Focus, Jan 05, 2010: SA-DHAN, a network of microfinance institutions in India, in collaboration with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing national level microfinance conference on 17th & 18th March, 2010 in New Delhi. The theme of this year is “FINANCIAL INCLUSION AND RESPONSIBLE MICROFINANCE”. Financial Inclusion has been one of the highest priority areas for the Government in the ... Full story

Five new members join Sa-Dhan’s governing body

Microfinance Focus, Nov. 2, 2009: Five new members have joined the 15-member board of Sa-Dhan, the nodal agency of Indian microfinance industry. In an extraordinary general body meeting of the Sa-Dhan held on Oct. 25, vacancies caused by either rotation or resignation had been filled, said a statement by Sa-Dhan. The new members are: Mr. Chandrashekhar Ghosh, Bandhan Microfinance, Mr. Suresh Krishna, Grameen Financial Services ... Full story

Recalling Dr Yunus’s pioneering role in microfinance

Recalling Dr Yunus's pioneering role in microfinance
Microfinance Focus, July 31, 2009: Professor Muhammad Yunus, founder and managing director of Grameen Bank, has been a great inspiration to the entire microfinance community. Microfinance Focus congratulates Dr Yunus and takes the opportunity to republish an exclusive interview that Dr. Yunus had given to it on March 30 on the sidelines of the Sa-Dhan’s National Microfinance Conference 2009 in New Delhi. It is a show piece of Dr yunus's views on microfinance that will have an enduring impact on the community forever: MF FOCUS: Microfinance is an established and recognised instrument to fight poverty today. Many people are confident and hope that poverty can be eliminated through it. Isn’t it too simple just to rely on microfinance? Dr. Yunus: You don’t have to. Nobody is forcing you to do that. If somebody wants to do Microcredit, fine. I wouldn’t say this is something everybody should have. Nobody says it is the only solution. Human beings are very multi-dimensional. Microfinance is one of the many, many things. Full story
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