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Global Microfinance Equity Fund grows to $117m in 2yrs

Microfinance Focus, Sep 9, 2010: Global Microfinance Equity Fund (GMEF), a hedge fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands in the year 2008, has grown into a $ 117.5 million fund with a total of 20 investors within a span of two years, as told to Microfinance Focus. GMEF had a first closing in May 2008 of just under $30mm with 12 investors and a final ... Full story

Microfinance investments make 2009 a watershed year

Microfinance investments make 2009 a watershed year
By Asma Azmi, Assistant Editor -Microfinance Focus Microfinance Focus, Dec. 30, 2009: The year 2009 may go down as the watershed year for the Indian microfinance industry. Marked by strong growth and pioneering deals the industry is riding high, growing at a rapid pace of 100%-200% year-on-year. Attracting attention from mainstream investors, the sector accounted ... Full story
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