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Regulate Microfinance institutions based on activity, not legal form: Mathew Titus of SA-Dhan

By Ramesh Kumar Microfinance Focus, Feb 18, 2010/New Delhi : Mathew Titus, Executive Director of Sa-Dhan shares his vision and concerns about microfinance in an exclusive interview with Microfinance Focus Consulting Editor Ramesh Kumar. Here are excerpts: Microfinance Focus: Microfinance in its current form is more than 30 years old. How has been its journey in India so far? Mathew Titus: Growth continues to be good. Organizations in ... Full story

Zidisha set to ‘expand’ in Peer-to-peer Microfinance: Julia Kurnia

Zidisha set to 'expand' in Peer-to-peer Microfinance: Julia Kurnia
By Asma Aziz Microfinance Focus, Feb. 7, 2010: Incorporated as a peer-to-peer lending service, which allows a direct transaction between lenders and borrowers, without any intermediaries, Zidisha is all set to scale P2P fundraising to newer heights. With a Swahili name implying ‘expand’, the organization connects low income entrepreneurs of developing nations to lenders across the globe ... Full story

Indian Microfinance on the verge of consolidation: Aavishkaar CEO

Indian Microfinance on the verge of consolidation: Aavishkaar CEO
By Vikash Kumar in Bangalore Microfinance Focus, Aug. 5, 2009: The consolidation process by Indian microfinance institutions may begin in less than a year and may become a norm in three years from now, says Aavishkaar CEO Vineet Rai. "Consolidation would become necessary for MFIs which are large in size while those smaller ... Full story

Breaking rules of microfinance is Microcredit Summit’s new agenda

Breaking rules of microfinance is Microcredit Summit's new agenda
Microfinance Focus, Aug. 4, 2009: Microfinance has evolved after Dr Muhammad Yunus decided to break the rules of traditional banking. "Now as microfinance is becoming a main stream banking system, we need to start thinking about breaking the rules of Microfinance," says Sam Daley Harris, Director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign, in an interview to Jerome Peloquin, Managing Editor-US of Microfinance Focus. Full story

Recalling Dr Yunus’s pioneering role in microfinance

Recalling Dr Yunus's pioneering role in microfinance
Microfinance Focus, July 31, 2009: Professor Muhammad Yunus, founder and managing director of Grameen Bank, has been a great inspiration to the entire microfinance community. Microfinance Focus congratulates Dr Yunus and takes the opportunity to republish an exclusive interview that Dr. Yunus had given to it on March 30 on the sidelines of the Sa-Dhan’s National Microfinance Conference 2009 in New Delhi. It is a show piece of Dr yunus's views on microfinance that will have an enduring impact on the community forever: MF FOCUS: Microfinance is an established and recognised instrument to fight poverty today. Many people are confident and hope that poverty can be eliminated through it. Isn’t it too simple just to rely on microfinance? Dr. Yunus: You don’t have to. Nobody is forcing you to do that. If somebody wants to do Microcredit, fine. I wouldn’t say this is something everybody should have. Nobody says it is the only solution. Human beings are very multi-dimensional. Microfinance is one of the many, many things. Full story

Alex Counts: Flexibility is the mantra for microfinance institutions

Alex Counts: Flexibility is the mantra for microfinance institutions
MF Focus, July 20, 2009: Flexibility in microfinance/micro credit loans will help the sector tide over many new challenges, Grameen Foundation CEO Alex Counts has said in a recent interview to Microfinance Focus. Terming multiple borrowing that is hitting hard the industry's growth in recent years, Counts termed it as a dangerous trend that can be fixed by addressing the issue of under-lending first and secondly, dissuading loan officers from underestimating the risk in order to meet the target. Full story
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