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“Frontier Investments focused on Mobile Banking, Microinsurance & Housing”-Monica Brand

“Frontier Investments focused on Mobile Banking, Microinsurance & Housing”-Monica Brand
Microfinance Focus, July 19, 2010: ACCION International is a private, non-profit organization and currently partners with 32 microfinance institutions (MFIs), NGOs and commercial banks across Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, reaching out to a total of 3.3 million poor people with microfinance. ACCION International’s Frontier Investments Group is a double bottom line, ... Full story

Swadhaar FinServe raises Rs. 27.5 cr equity for Microfinance Expansion

Microfinance Focus, July 10, 2010: Mumbai based microfinance institution, Swadhaar FinServe Pvt Ltd (Swadhaar) has recently announced an equity infusion of Rs. 27.5 crores from multiple investors. Its existing investors ACCION International, an Indian Family Trust, Unitus Equity Fund (managed by Elevar Equity), Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and the Promoter group also infused additional capital in this latest round of capital raising. MicroVest, a ... Full story

Citi Contributes to ACCION’s Innovative Education Program for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Microfinance Focus, July 2, 2010: ACCION’s long time partner and supporter, Citi has recently granted a contribution of $10, 000 for its Innovative Education Program. With the help of this fund ACCION's program will reach out to entrepreneurs in New Mexico to provide them with loans, business coaching, valuable training and mentorship to help their businesses succeed. "Citi believes in supporting entrepreneurs to help local economies thrive," ... Full story

Microfinance Needs Scalable and Sustainable Growth

Microfinance Focus, June 24, 2010: Concluding the Microfinance Cracking the Capital Market Conference in New Delhi, its organizers briefed the audience about the ideas that emerged from the conference. Monica Brand of ACCION said, “I think microfinance is in some senses is constrained by factors which made it a success. As equity investors we invest in people, and we look for social passion and the ... Full story

Microfinance needs Greater Communication with Press

Microfinance Focus, June 23, 2010: In the concluding session of day one at MCCM conference, attention was drawn towards the relevance of press for the microfinance industry. WSJ’s Paul Beckett spoke, “Reputational risk is massive under representative factor. If it goes wrong, regulators over react, politicians over react and you’ll be in a tough spot” he said. For mitigating these risks, he added, “You should ... Full story

Global Equities Bullish on Investment in Indian Microfinance amid some Concerns

Microfinance Focus, June 23, 2010: Bullish sentiments dominated the session on ‘Perspective from the marketplace’ at MCCM where leading international investors discussed the future investments of worldwide equities in Indian microfinance. Speaking of the industry which remained buoyant despite a global downturn, investors expressed their high optimism about the future influx of equity investments in the sector. Riding high on its 100 percent year-on-year growth, microfinance ... Full story

In the wake of SKS IPO, MicroSave releases Podcast on ‘The Compartmos Experience’

Microfinance Focus, April 27, 2010: Recalling the discussions around the Compartamos public offering in 2007 at a time when there is a forthcoming IPO of SKS, financial services providers, MicroSave, has recently announced the release of a thought provoking podcast, ‘The Compartamos Experience’ in partnership with Moving Planet. The podcast comprises of interviews with Rich Rosenberg of CGAP and Carlos Danel of Compartamos. Issues like, ... Full story

Industry Practitioners confront claims of ‘Microfinance Failure’

Microfinance Focus, April 09, 2010: Afflicted with faulty media reports and researches over the real impact of microfinance in poverty alleviation, industry practitioners like ACCION International, FINCA, Grameen Foundation, Opportunity International, Unitus and Women’s World Banking have come together to confront the claims with their first hand experiences of the microfinance sector. In a press release issued by ACCION, these organizations have expressed their perspective ... Full story

ACCION begins new microfinance operations in the Amazon

Microfinance Focus, Feb 24, 2010: ACCION is reaching the jungles of Brazil to provide its microfinance products to the microentrepreneurs living and working there. Called Microfinancas, ACCION’s new microfinance company will serve the Amazonas region, where the company said less than 10 percent of the 1.9 million low-income resident microentrepreneurs have access to financial services from a bank or microfinance organization. It was in Recife, ... Full story

Microfinance institutions step up relief for quake-hit Haitians

Microfinance institutions step up relief for quake-hit Haitians
By Nagesh Narayana Microfinance Focus, Jan. 30, 2010: In the past, microfinance services have helped to empower and provide stability for poor Haitians but the need is far greater now with the 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastating the nation on January 12 and leaving 200,000 dead. Those who survived were left without food and water for days and ... Full story

Bill & Melinda Gates foundation grants $38M to top microfinance organisations

Microfinance Focus, Jan. 13, 2010: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will provide 6 grants totalling $38 million to create and safe and affordable affordable places for the poor, it was announced on Wednesday. The grants aim to provide 11 million people with access to savings over the next five years across Latin Amercia, Asia and Africa, the Gates Foundation said in a statement. The funds will ... Full story

ACCION implements Dialogue on Business program in India

Microfinance Focus, Dec. 16, 2009: ACCION has announced that it has successfully implemented the Dialogue on Business program in India, in association with Bangalore-based microfinance institution Grameen Koota. The program with a special focus on marginalized women, had nine training modules covering topics such as self-management for women, leadership, cash management, communication and promotion, and entrepreneurship. Dialogue on Business has so far trained 500 entrepreneurial low-income ... Full story

ACCION begins operations in Inner Mongolia

Microfinance Focus, Dec. 16, 2009: After two years of planning, ACCION International has launched operations in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China, said  a statement. ACCION Microcredit Company, the first foreign-funded microfinance bank in Inner Mongolia, started providing financial services to microentrepreneurs in the city of Chifeng on December 11, reportedly an auspicious date according to the city’s respected elders. Over the next five years, ACCION ... Full story

Harvard Business School, Accion announce Microfinance Leadership Course

Microfinance Focus, Nov.24, 2009: The Havard Business School and Accion International have announced the 2010 Program on Strategic Leadership for Microfinance. The six-day program will begin on April 5 at the Harvard Business School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, said a statement. The annual program provides leadership training for microfinance sector professionals and those from the commercial finance industry who provide microfinance services. The focus of the program ... Full story
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