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35 Indian microfinance inst shared complete pricing data to date: MFTransparency

Microfinance Focus, July 28, 2010: 35 microfinance institutions in India have participated so far in the Transparent Pricing Initiative by MFTransparency in India by submitting complete microloan product information and pricing data. Of the 35 completed data submissions, 17 institutions are members of the Microfinance Institution Network (MFIN), 10 are members of the ACCESS MicroFinance Alliance (AMFA) and 21 are members of Sa-dhan. MFTransparency launched the ... Full story

IDB approves project for Service Transparency and Consumer Protection in Microfinance

Microfinance Focus, May 19, 2010: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has recently approved a project, ‘Service Transparency and Consumer Protection in Microfinance’ in Honduras. IDB will be providing USD 500, 000 for the project. The project intents to develop the regulatory framework to promote transparency of the services provided by the monitored system, the design and implementation of an administrative body in charge of CNBS care ... Full story

Ed: Media can play an effective role in microfinance transparency

Ed: Media can play an effective role in microfinance transparency
By Vikash Kumar Microfinance Focus, March 10, 2010: Transparency in microfinance could be achieved only when people are educated and enlightened about the working of microfinance institutions and that obviously would be possible when media is alert and brings out all relevant information in an intelligible language and visuals that could be easily understood by common people. It is obvious therefore that media plays a ... Full story

African Microfinance Transparency Forum doubled membership base in 2009

Microfinance Focus, March 2010: The African Microfinance Transparency Forum (AMT), a legal association to promote transparency and strengthen performance of African MFIs, saw its membership doubled in 2009, with more activities on anvil in 2010. According to its report, AMT’s total membership more than doubled with 24 new microfinance institutions (MFIs) from 14 different countries in Africa and increased its participation in international events and conferences, ... Full story

AccessBank of Azerbaijan joins MicroFinance Transparency’s Transparent Pricing Initiative

By Nagesh Narayana Microfinance Focus, Feb 4, 2010: AccessBank, the leader of commercial microfinance in Azerbaijan, has recently submitted pricing data for all its microfinance loan products to MFTransparency. To date, AccessBank has 98,000 active borrowers and by far the largest portfolio of microfinance products in Azerbaijan, totaling $297 million as of January 1, 2010. AccessBank is a member of the Azerbaijani Micro-finance Association (AMFA), MFTransparency’s partner ... Full story

MicroFinance Transparency to drive transparent pricing in Africa

MicroFinance Transparency to drive transparent pricing in Africa
Microfinance Focus, Oct. 10, 2009: MicroFinance Transparency (MFTransparency) will host a training workshop in Nairobi on oct. 19 in association with the 2009 AMT Microfinance Investor's Fair to train industry professionals on pricing transparency and consumer protection. It will also mark the launch of MFTransparency' s Transparent Pricing Initiative in Kenya. The fair provides an opportunity ... Full story

Azerbaizan takes lead to showcase transparency in microfinance

By Naagesh Naaraayana Microfinance Focus, Oct. 1, 2009: With the negative media coverage in recent months, there is a collective need for transparency in microfinance sector. While some reports pointed out the high interest rates and the use of confusing product pricing, others have gone a step ahead to depict the microfinance institutions (MFIs) as no less than moneylenders. Essentially, a regulatory framework to enforce transparent loan ... Full story
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