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John Conroy receives Inaugural BWTP Chairman Special Recognition Award at AMF

Microfinance Focus, Oct 15, 2010: On the final day of Asia Microfinance Forum 2010, the Banking With the Poor Network (BWTP) awarded its inaugural BWTP Chairman Special Recognition Award to John Conroy for his inspiring contribution to BWTP Network. John Conroy is Special Consultant, Foundation for Development Corporation and has served FDC AS ITS Executive Director for nine years from 1991. He is co-author of several ... Full story

Microfinance Banking-Agent model: Making financial inclusion possible

Microfinance Focus, Oct 15, 2010:  Geographic exclusion, whether due to the extreme size of a country like India, large numbers of Overseas Foreign Workers from the Philippines working in Singapore and Hong Kong or the hilly regions of Nepal, is a huge challenge for the microfinance industry. At one of the panels of Asia Microfinance Forum 2010, a group of panellist discussed the alternative channels ... Full story

Sri Lanka a good place to invest: Amunugama tells microfinance investors

Microfinance Focus, Oct 14, 2010: Speaking at the Asia Microfinance Forum 2010, the Hon Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Deputy Minister of Finance, Government of Sri Lanka said, “I am most convinced that what you are discussing today is important in spurring future microfinance developments”. Mr. Sarath who was in New York attending the Spring Session of World Bank prior to attending the forum said, “As the Sri ... Full story

Asian microfinance investment market in need of regulations

Microfinance Focus, Oct 14, 2010: Providing an overview of the current investment landscape for Asia, a panel of development and investment specialist discussed the expectations, experiences and recommendations of investors in a panel discussion entitled ‘Investing in Asia: Opportunities, Challenges and Impact’ at the Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 today in Sri Lanka. Liz Larson, Asia Regional Manager, MIX, USA, introduced MIX funding structure Data Set to ... Full story

Getting microfinance framework right

Microfinance Focus Oct 14, 2010: In 1998 FDC (The Foundation for Development Corporation) and the Banking with the Poor Network, together with the Asian Development Bank, published the first substantial research into regulation and policy in Asia- ‘Getting the Framework Right’. It highlighted the need for conducive microfinance regulatory environments in the region’s national industries.  12 years on, the industry has come a long way in ... Full story

Alienation between microfinance lenders and borrowers creates risks

Microfinance Focus, Oct 13, 2010: Microfinance institutions in many countries have recently faced severe challenges in terms of portfolio quality resulting from both internal and external factors. The sector is encountering significant obstacles in terms of over indebtedness, portfolio management issues, the global financial crisis and the wider credit environment For a sector which has a double bottom line, the need to manage social impact with ... Full story

Microfinance needs re-evaluation to achieve financial inclusion

Microfinance Focus, Oct 13, 2010: There is a broad international agreement on the importance of Financial Inclusion as a policy goal for all governments, including the developing countries of Asia. While microfinance is an important tool in achieving financial inclusion, it is increasingly becoming clear that inclusion is much more than providing access to microcredit alone. What role microfinance can play in achieving financial inclusion was ... Full story

Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 kicks off in Sri Lanka

Microfinance Focus, Oct 13, 2010: Bringing together hundreds of experts as partners for achieving greater financial inclusion in Asia, The Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 begins today in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.  Entitled ‘Financial Inclusion-Achieving Asia’s Potential’, the three days Forum has gathered more than 450 microfinance practitioners, policymakers, financiers, academics and advocates from 50 countries for spearheading financial inclusion in the continent. Asia Microfinance ... Full story

Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 to focus on Financial Inclusion in Asia

Microfinance Focus, Aug 20, 2010: The Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 convened by the Banking With the Poor Network (BWTP) and organised by the Foundation for Development Cooperation (FDC) will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 12-15 of October 2010. Citi Foundation is Lead Sponsor and Hatton National Bank, the Local Host for this event. Microfinance Focus will be the official media partner of the ... Full story
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