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ADB, Australia to expand microfinance project in Papua New Guinea

Microfinance Focus, Oct 29, 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Australian Government will support a $24 million Microfinance Expansion Project to help rural communities in Papua New Guinea access credit and financial services. ADB's loan, from its concessional Asian Development Fund, covers 54% of the project cost of $24.06 million. The loan has a 32-year term, including a grace period of eight years. Interest ... Full story

ADB provides $750,000 grant for Microinsurance development in China & Mongolia

Microfinance Focus, Sep 1, 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing a two-year $750,000 grant from the ADB-administered Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund to examine market supply and demand for microinsurance in People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. The grant will address policy, regulatory and institutional barriers in the region’s Microinsurance sector. ADB will work with the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2II), a global program ... Full story

ADB lends $150m to help Inner Mongolia become energy efficient

Microfinance Focus, Aug 9, 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has today announced a $150 million loan to help the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) improve its aging coal-fired heating systems, making them more energy efficient and less polluting. The executing agency is the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with the project expected to be completed by December ... Full story

ADB, Bank of China explore Microfinance, SMEs among areas for collaboration

Microfinance Focus, July 14, 2010: After a series of discussion at its headquarters last Friday, ADB (Asian Development Bank) and a visiting delegation from Bank of China (BoC) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have agreed to explore a broad range of fresh opportunities for collaboration, including in the areas of regional trade finance, clean energy and infrastructure development, microfinance and institutional capacity building. As ... Full story

ADB gives $40m Loan to Boost Bangladesh Farm Incomes

Microfinance Focus, July 2, 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced a loan of $40 million for the Second Crop Diversification Project in Bangladesh to boost incomes for poor farmers and support the nation’s food security. The financial assistance will be used to support the development of high-value crops in 27 districts in the southwest and northwest of Bangladesh - including some of the ... Full story

ADB and Japan grant $3 million to boost Microfinance Enabled Services

Microfinance Focus, May 26, 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan’s Fund for Poverty Reduction are providing funds to help build up the skills and capacity of low-income women micro-entrepreneurs in India.  A grant of $3 million from the Government of Japan administered by ADB will be used to help women entrepreneurs in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, ... Full story
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Financial Sector Development Fund to focus on microfinance, access to finance: ADB

By Asma Azmi Microfinance Focus, March 8, 2010: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has reiterated that the Financial Sector Development Partnership Fund will focus both on access to finance and microfinance areas, which are essential to its overall strategy to achieve financial infrastructure and capacity building, besides technical assistance to developing countries in Asia. The Financial Sector Development Partnership Fund of ADB has raised $1.56 million in ... Full story

ADB provides $30.7M to Cambodia’s livelihoods, microfinance program

Microfinance Focus, Dec. 10, 2009: The ABD will assist Cambodia develop microfinance institutions and rural livelihood service providers in Cambodia's Tonle Sap Basin region by providing $30.7 million in loans and grants program to aid a new Cambodia new initiative to boost income and food security in the region. Two of ADB’s development partners in Cambodia, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the Government ... Full story

UK provides $23M grant to ADB for poverty reduction programs in India

Microfinance Focus, Dec. 4, 2009: The Asian Development Bank (ADB)and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) have signed a new five-year strategic partnership to fight poverty in India. The partnership, to run from 2009-2013, builds on a collaboration between the two institutions that began in 2001, and will be supported by a £14 million ($23 million) grant from the UK government. The grant will co-finance specific components, ... Full story

ADB report favours strengthening legal framework for microfinance

Microfinance Focus, Nov. 13, 2009: Strengthening legal frameworks governing microfinance is needed to address weaknesses in the financial sector, said a report by the Asian Development Bank on Thursday. The study,"Intra-regional Trade and Investment in South Asia," examines the progress of economic integration in the South Asian region which includes India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. The report argues that financial sector reform in ... Full story

Microfinance funding in 2008 grew by 24%: CGAP survey

By Matthew Fuchs Microfinance Focus, Nov. 4, 2009: Commitments from donors and investors to microfinance increased by 24% in 2008 to $14.8 billion, according to the CGAP 2009 Microfinance Funder Survey released last week. A further $3 billion was disbursed, two-thirds  from investors. South Asia attracted 25% of commitments, the largest share of any region, with $3.65 million. This was an increase of 14% for the year ... Full story

ADB, Japan provide $1.5 million grant to Vietnam’s Microfinance programs

Microfinance Focus, Oct. 6, 2009: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Japan will provide $1.5 million to Vietnam to help bring its unregulated microfinance programs into the formal sector, to boost services and provide increased financial support for the poor. The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, financed by the Government of Japan and administered by ADB, is extending the $1.5 million grant to help the Government ... Full story

India’s Exim Bank raises $100 million from ADB

Microfinance Focus, Sept. 30, 2009: India’s state-run Export-Import Bank (Exim Bank) has raised $100 million loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to boost the export potential of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in poor and disadvantaged regions. The loan will be used medium- and long-term loans to export–oriented SMEs. As per the terms of the loan, Exim Bank will target increased trade and competitiveness amongst ... Full story

ADB provides Bangladesh $76 million to set up rural SMEs

Microfinance Focus, Sept. 21, 2009: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is extending a $76 million worth loan to Bangladesh to expand the country’s non-urban small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sector. Full story
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