MIX Launches India Map of Financial Inclusion

Microfinance Focus, December 3, 2012: On Wednesday November 28, MIX, or Microfinance Market Exchange, a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC, launched the India Map of Financial Inclusion during the second plenary of this year's ACCESS conference. 

MIX CEO, Marten Leijon, hosted the launch session. The map, which displays a variety of financial inclusion related data in all 600+ districts in India, is the first of its kind with such detail.  It currently hosts data on Banking Correspondents and MFIs, and is updated on a quarterly basis.  All data displayed on the India Map of Financial Inclusion is downloadable into Excel and users can toggle between different data sets to find the views that best meet their needs.

In the coming months, MIX will continue to build in new layers of data and functional aspects.  The map will become live in January 2013.  The India Map of Financial Inclusion was made possible by funding from the Citi Foundation. MIX is acknowledges the support of the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), which helped expand the India dataset and encouraged quarterly reporting across India.

MIX collects and validates data from MFIs in all regions of the developing world, and standardizes the data for comparability. This information is made available on MIX Market (www.mixmarket.org), a global microfinance information platform, providing financial and social performance information for approximately 2000 MFIs.

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