Issue of Discussion: When looking at the developed lending markets of North America and Britain from one of the developing markets elsewhere it may not always be clear how successful strategies from the former regions can be applied in the latter.

However, automated credit risk strategies offer v

Issue of Discussion: Does microfinance work? According to M. Bateman, it doesn’t. Here are some top findings:

1. Microfinance is based on an attractive but false premise that poor people can make themselves richer providing they have access to credit. But wealth creation, outside of fairytales, is very rarely the result of indivi

Issue of Discussion: It may pay to give some attention to what is taking place in the mobile sector right now, where Safaricom’s rivals are plotting to flatten rates offered for mobile money services and harmonise their agency networks on the basis that it will level the playing field.

Issue of Discussion: Just Microfinance or Integrated development approach including microfinance, and other social development tools are the best sustainable development approach?

By whom and where: Kasim Kazi, Program Officer of Microfinance Program, RCDS, Pakistan [

Should they wait to do it right?

Issue of Discussion: Smaller banks are seeking to capitalize on the attention bigger ones like JPMorgan Chase & Co. and USAA Federal Savings Bank have generated for mobile deposit, but to get the function out in a timely way, they are finding an integrated experience which may not be possible.


Or will it last only as long as there is a donor supporting it?

Issue of Discussion: Children savings accounts tend to have very low balances, deposits and withdrawals are in small amounts, typically under $10 and many under U$1. Also their school or home is generally not near a bank or MFI, and

Issue of Discussion: Microfinance projects in the developing world makes some people poorer, not richer, a major academic study has concluded. It should not be seen as a panacea in the fight against poverty, nor as a blanket tool to empower women. Aid programmes providing small loans and savings accounts to those who have no access to traditional banking service

Issue of Discussion: Micro finance is an effective poverty alleviation tool but the current outcomes are not as per expectations. A study conducted by Alhuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics in Pakistan, the sustainability of Micro finance borrowers is lessor than the estimated and the borrowers found in more than one loan cycle and institutions but still

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