While communication in the business world is normally used to maximize profits, an effective communication strategy for an MFI means more business and less poverty. An MFI's mission could be clear to employees and clients, yet inaccessible to the public. Without effective communication, MFIs can become invisible or misunderstood, and as a result, have access to fewer resources.

“And for every for-profit MFI which is known to be usurious in lending rates and greedy in profiteering, there are equal number of NGO-MFIs which are corrupt and carry out any number of mal-practices cheating their clients.  And so too, for every good and ethical NGO, there are equally good and honest NBFC-MFIs too”, Vasudevan said.


Monday, November 14th 2011 saw the culmination of several years of delicate preparation in a packed conference centre in Valladolid, Spain. The fifth Global Microcredit Summit (held every few years – with regional conferences in between) kicked off in the magnificent Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes, with an opening ceremony full of music, pomp, and a great deal of grati

Global food prices remain high and volatile affecting the poorest countries hardest.

Larry Reed will become the new director of the Microcredit Summit Campaign.

Some time ago, I had a conversation with a microfinance investor.  What is the greatest challenge facing the sector? – I asked.  His answer:  multiple borrowing – multiple borrowing that was getting people into too much debt; multiple borrowing that was transforming micro-enterprise lending into consumer finance; multiple borrowing that was rewriting the traditional relationship between MF

UN refugee agency launches a global campaign to promote action against statelessness on August 25. UNHCR aims to raise awareness with its global campaign about the international legal definition while improving its own methods for gathering data on stateless people.

Sam Daley-Harris, founder of RESULTS Educational Fund, and the Microcredit Summit Campaign will retire from his post on December 31, 2011, a report from Microcredit Summit Secretariat revealed.

Sam Mendelson is the co-author of the Microfinance Banana Skins Survey since 2009. In an interview with Microfinance Focus, Sam discussed some of the major findings of this year’s survey and delves further into the debate about where Microfinance goes next

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