Google launches affordable Wi-Fi product in Kenya

Microfinance Focus, September 1, 2011: Google in collaboration with African cable and internet services provider, The Wananchi Group has launch a new high-speed wireless broadband network ‘Wazi WiFi’ in Nairobi, Kenya with Aptilo Networks.

This launch is a part of Wananchi’s commitment to bring high speeds and low cost Wi-Fi in emerging markets. The company sees big opportunities in using WiFi technology for mobile data offloading and providing high speed unmetered access away from home.

"The internet is a powerful source of information. Wazi Wi-Fi is part of our broader goal in Africa; to get more users online, to reduce internet access barriers and to help develop a vibrant internet environment," commented Euan Guttridge, Technical Program Manager, Emerging Markets, Google Sub Saharan Africa. "Bit by bit, the web in Africa is helping to transform communication and open up new economic opportunities."

Wananchi network already delivers affordable, high-speed internet access at Nairobi's Junction Shopping Mall area. The service is free for the first ten minutes of use per day on each device. Users can then purchase a single day pass for Shs.50 per device and Shs.500 for one month per device.

Customers can pay for the service online using credit cards or local mobile money solutions including M-PESA, Airtel Money and PesaPal.

Wazi WiFi utilises the Aptilo Service Management Platform for service management and policy control. The platform facilitates easy and scalable service delivery, administration and monitoring. Wazi Wi-Fi is being delivered via Aptilo Cloud Services, a hosted solution that meets rapid time to market and time to revenue objectives.


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