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Microfinance Focus is an online knowledge platform about microfinance and sustainable development. Our worldwide recognition has been driven by a great need for shared information regarding the microfinance industry. Much of our growth can be attributed to our commitment to help the industry excel by plugging the knowledge gap, via free access to news and information that will benefit microfinance institutions (MFIs) and their practitioners.

We understand the importance of sharing knowledge to bring the sector to greater heights, and therefore our aim is to provide news and information that will benefit microfinance institutions (MFIs) and practitioners. Our articles consist of original analysis and reports on microfinance all over the world, through daily news and editorials written by experts practicing in the field, as well as exclusive interviews with prominent sector leaders. Our extensive coverage of microfinance news appeals to interested individuals from the sector and related domains, ranging from government bodies to students. Our value-added service to the industry has been highly appraised by sector leaders, such as Mohammed Yunus and Elizabeth Littlefield. Microfinance Focus’s prominence on Google and other search engines avails it to more than 29,000 email subscribers and visitors from no less than 160 countries.


Our Logo

Our logo is represented by a flame of 3 colours. Yellow represents the good practices of the industry that we want to promote; red represents the bad practices that we are transparent about; and blue represents the excellence that Microfinance Focus strives to achieve at all times.


To build a better-informed and transparent microfinance industry by providing high quality knowledge and information through related products and services.


  • To grow as the main source of knowledge in microfinance
  • To disseminate news, research and information about the sector globally
  • To provide an online platform for eliciting views and opinions
  • To promote transparency in information


  • Microfinance Focus was awarded the first “Knowledge Promoter Award” from Solution Exchange, a wing of United Nations (India), for its role in promoting microfinance.
  • MF was ranked as the top knowledge centre website in the world by Alexa Ranking (information accurate as of 1 Jan, 2010)
  • Media partner of:

Sa-Dhan’s National Microfinance Conference 2009
Microfinance India Summit 2009
Microfinance East organized by FRA in New York
International Think Tank on Microfinance Research 2010
Microcredit Campaign Summit 2010 in Africa
Cracking Capital Markets 2010
Asia Microfinance Forum 2010 in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Microfinance Leadership Summit 2010 in Delhi
Sociopreneurship India 2010


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