1. Santosh

-350 milllion below poverty line, appreciable figure or achievement?

-Agriculture, middle means doing great

-MF more organizaed than before

-More people committed to social cause because of system

-Mostly women are promising themselves towards the development in rural areas

-There are alternative methods available for developing rural because of Yunus and young people in microfinance

-500,000 Crores are unaccounted money of governtment to the welfare of the people; the reason NGOs are managed by bureaucrats

-Good rupees have . . . → Read More: Samvad:Highlights

Exclusive Interview with Vijayalakshmi Das

Vijaylakshmi Das


What do you think about microfinance and women empowerment?

There has been a lot of change, microfinance helps women grow not only in terms of finance, but also in terms of the creation of assets, consistency of family development, and promotion of values. We choose which women to finance . . . → Read More: Exclusive Interview with Vijayalakshmi Das

Samvad: A Dialogue on Microfinance

Samvad: A Dialogue on Microfinance

A MICROFINANCE CONFERENCE Organized by Grameen Koota 30th May 2009 at Bangalore

21st century India is a land of resources, opportunity and economic vitality. In the midst of this robust development lies an India starved of equal opportunity and growth. For India to harness her full potential her two worlds must be reconciled and she must go forth as a single unit. Institutions and individuals have shown grit . . . → Read More: Samvad: A Dialogue on Microfinance

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