THEY ARE BANKABLE : Reaching out to People with Disabilities

Ms. Vardhani Ratnala, knowledge manager, Leonard Cheshire International

It is a well-known fact in South Asia that Microfinance is an effective way to reach out to the poorest. Even formal financial institutions like banks are competing with each other to cater to the needs of the poorest, who they have realized, are bankable. However, a look at the clientele of these microfinance service providers (MSPs) shows that there are still groups who are considered credit unworthy and are excluded . . . → Read More: THEY ARE BANKABLE : Reaching out to People with Disabilities

Post Reform Period: Institutional Credit And Rural Poor

By Dr. Amrit Patel

One of the objectives of the rural credit policy has been to minimize the dependence of rural poor on non-institutional sources of credit. The study of Basic Statistical Returns, 2005; Census data, 2001 and the Debt and Investment Survey during 1992 and 2003, however, exhibited a dismal performance of rural credit institutions, their policy and implementation.

Average population per branch served by scheduled commercial banks in rural areas was 13,462 in 1991 as compared to . . . → Read More: Post Reform Period: Institutional Credit And Rural Poor


By Vikash Kumar

Global warming is no longer just warning but is happening and therefore poses many immediate and long term environmental threats It is our responsibility, a collective as well as an individual  to protect our environment from its onslaughts..

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Can Microfinance Afford to be Green?

By Jerome Peloquin | Managing Editor -US | Microfinance Focus

The real question is; Can Microfinance afford NOT to be green?  Good environmental practice is good business in general.  Green business provides opportunity for all.

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By, Vikash Kumar

Time has come to ponder over some quintessential questions! Microfinance has traversed long and stormy path; and indeed in all fairness no one should doubt in its ability and performance as an effective institution for poverty alleviation. Indeed it is strange that sometime we glorify its success stories and at times we forget such achievements and highlight its inbuilt weaknesses. In fact we overlook the challenges these institutions have encountered in the past and would . . . → Read More: SOME OPEN QUESTIONS

The Missing Middle

Jerome Peloquin | Managing Editor-US

Jerome Peloquin

The Missing Middle describes to the lack of funding for small to medium sized enterprise, (SME) who have progressed to the limits of MFI lending.   (around 1,500 USD).  It is the absence of funding options for small growing businesses at the bottom of the financial services pyramid.  Traditional venture capital firms are interested in much larger investment of ten to twenty million dollars and have largely ignored this potential market.

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Cherie Blair to address Microfinance India Summit 2009

Cherie Blair (Source:

Microfinance Focus, Sept. 9, 2009: Cherie Blair, Queens Counsel and wife of former British Primer Minister Tony Blair, will be among those who will be attending the Microfinance India Summit to be held in New Delhi from Oct. 26 to 28, 2009.

The summit with theme “Doing Good and Doing Well: The need for balance” will focus on providing financial services to low-income groups, organisers said. The event, sixth in a series of annual . . . → Read More: Cherie Blair to address Microfinance India Summit 2009

Microfinance India Awards

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is sponsoring Microfinance India Awards instituted by ACCESS Development Services to be presented every year at the Microfinance India Summit.

As the Microfinance sector in India wades through turbulent times to reach a certain stage of maturity and growth it seems befitting to honour institutions and individuals that have contributed to the growth and resilience displayed by the sector. The inspiration behind the Microfinance India Awards is to recognize the contribution of notable thought leaders, . . . → Read More: Microfinance India Awards

Livelihoods India awards in memory of Sitaram Rao

Microfinance Focus, Sept. 2, 2009: New Delhi-based ACCESS Development Services and Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon are jointly launching the ‘Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition’ in memory of Mr. Sitaram Rao, the mentor and guru of the Indian Microfinance and Livelihoods movement who recently passed away.

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