Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP) has taken lead in implementing the Business Correspondent and Banking Facilitator model (BC, BF) promoted by the Reserve Bank of India for financial inclusion of the excluded sector. SKDRDP is active in 11 districts of Karnataka state promoting 1,69,321 Self Help Groups (SHG) empowering 1.88 million families, Dr. D. Veerendra

A systematic review of the SGSY has brought into focus several shortcomings achieving limited objectives. It has now been restructured as the National Rural Livelyhoods Mission

By Ramachandrareddy.Gadi

Microfinance Focus, August 11, 2011: No doubt the Indian microfinance sector is worth  $2.6 billion of loans to 70 million borrowers—has grown big enough to attract regulatory attention. But the current rush to smother it with price controls and criminal action is likely to hurt poor borrowers, eit

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