The International Conference Pak Finance 2012 was held recently with the economic thought of how to promote and develop Islamic Finance to enhance its outreach in Pakistan.  This event which was held on 28-29th of March was organized by eTechnologies and Management (eTeaM), Lahore.

Last month, the headlines of the world’s papers read déjà vu.  “Suicides in India linked to microfinance debt.”  “SKS Microfinance implicated in farmer suicides.”  The headlines may have differed, but the article was one and the same, penned by

Current sentiment around commercial financial inclusion (microfinance, business correspondents or anything to do with banking the poor) is at historic rock bottom. Government has over the past 2-3 years systemically tightened control, ordered closure of several channels i.e. removal of gold loans from PSL, banning chit funds, ordering a shutdown of retail deposit accep

Monday, November 14th 2011 saw the culmination of several years of delicate preparation in a packed conference centre in Valladolid, Spain. The fifth Global Microcredit Summit (held every few years – with regional conferences in between) kicked off in the magnificent Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes, with an opening ceremony full of music, pomp, and a great deal of grati

Micro‐Credit Ratings International Limited has released ‘M-CRIL Microfinance Review 2011’ presenting a detailed dissection of the crisis that hit the Indian microfinance sub‐sector of the financial services industry in October 2010.This year’s review examines both the factors that contributed to the crisis – loan size, multiple lending, over‐indebtedness, client retent

Despite all the current sometimes emotional debates on the lack of evidence on its impact and on a possible crisis, Micro-Finance (MF) has undergone a tremendous evolution in intellectual and practical terms. In practical terms Micro-Finance has evolved into a diverse multi-billion dollar industry.


The World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists (WCMP) is a global network of affluent individuals, foundations, and socially responsible corporations, working together to advance strategic philanthropy.

Catalysing partnerships across public, private, and social sectors, WCMP offers information and resour

The RBI released on 27th September the much awaited revised draft of the securitisation guidelines. The first draft was proposed long time back in April 2010.

A systematic review of the SGSY has brought into focus several shortcomings achieving limited objectives. It has now been restructured as the National Rural Livelyhoods Mission

In this article I would not like to demonstrate the impact of MF with data or with an academic explanation. I thought it useful to look at the question from the perspective of what a democracy is and what its citizens may expect from their government.

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