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Key Relationship Coordinator Wanted at VisionFund

Microfinance Focus Europe, 27 November 2013: VisionFund International is looking for someone to fill its open position of Key Relationship Coordinator. The Coordinator will provide administrative and resource support to the key relationship team. This position is

Symbiotics SA Seeking Private Equity Investment Manager

Microfinance Focus Europe, 22 November 2013: Swiss investment services company Symbiotics SA has an employment opening for the position of Africa Private Equity Investment Manager, which will be based in Geneva. He or she will launch the

Senior Advisor Food and Productive Landscapes at Hivos

Microfinance Focus Europe, 16 November 2013: Hivos is seeking a Senior Advisor Food and Productive Landscapes to work out of its head office in the Netherlands. The Senior Advisor will create and promote innovative solutions to contribute

FMO is Looking for Senior Credit Officer

Microfinance Focus Europe, 15 November 2013: Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) has an open position for Senior Credit Officer. The Officer will advise on investment proposals based on in-depth analysis. He or she will also assess credit

Development Economy Specialist Wanted at BIO

Microfinance Focus Europe, 9 November 2013: BIO Investments is looking for a Development Economy Specialist to work out of its headquarters in Brussels. The Specialist will support a development culture within the organization, develop and implement a

AfID Seeking Multiple Accountants for Microfinance Organizations

Microfinance Focus Europe, 8 November 2013: Accounting for International Development (AfID) is looking for accountants to work on volunteer assignments of 2 to 12 weeks. The accountants will help to build financial management capacity and long-term sustainability

FINCA Looking for Senior Fraud Investigator

Microfinance Focus Europe, 2 November 2013: FINCA International has an employment opening for Senior Fraud Investigator, Eurasia. The Senior Fraud Investigator will be based in Azerbaijan and will support the Global Forensic Audit Manager in implementing the

LFS Looking for Senior Project Manager

Microfinance Focus Europe, 30 October 2013: LFS Financial Systems is seeking a Senior Project Manager to work in its advisory services division. The Senior Project Manager is responsible for processing project proposals via internet or directly from

Microfinance Partnerships Specialist Wanted at Habitat for Humanity

Microfinance Focus Europe, 19 October 2013: Habitat for Humanity International is looking for a Microfinance Partnerships Specialist, Housing Microfinance. The position is based in Bratislava and entails working in tandem with local market actors, microcredit organizations and

VFI Seeks Fundraising Content Specialist

Microfinance Focus Europe, 16 October 2013: VisionFund International (VFI), the microfinance branch of World Vision, is looking for a Fundraising Content Specialist to create, develop and monitor fundraising proposals and offers. He or she will also provide