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Understanding Social Enterprise

Microfinance Focus Europe, 3 November 2013: The social enterprise model has been gaining media attention across Europe and worldwide as an innovative type of financial exercise. This new business structure is still in the formative stages, raising questions

Entrepreneurs Embrace Social Enterprise in the UK

  Microfinance Focus Europe, 10 September 2013: A survey by the Social Enterprise UK group indicates that social enterprise is spreading among entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, now having three times the start-up proportion of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises. The biannual

University Involvement in SME Growth

Microfinance Focus Europe, 29 August 2013: Last year€™s performance review of SMEs by the European Commission emphasized the need to foster high-tech and knowledge-intensive SMEs. These two specific SME sectors were cited as showing the most promise for

6 Facts on the Status of European SMEs in 2012

Microfinance Focus Europe, 23 August 2013: In Europe, the global crisis tended to slow or halt the growth in SMEs. Data collected throughout 2012, however, showed evidence of the continued restoration within the sector. Employment, gross value added,

Looking Back on the 10th EMN Annual Conference

Microfinance Focus Europe, 20 August 2013: On June 25-26, the 10th European Microfinance Network (EMN) 2013 annual conference was held at the Clarion hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. EMN partnered with Swedish non-governmental organization NEEM (Network for Entrepreneurs from

Robin Hood vs. Austerity: Experts Debate Solutions to EU Poverty

Microfinance Focus Europe, 20 June 2013: Since mid-February, several Bulgarians have set themselves on fire in protest of poverty rates in their country. These self-immolations are part of a wave of protests in response to political corruption,

The 10th Annual European Microfinance Network (EMN) Conference

Microfinance Focus, 23 May 2013: The European Microfinance Network (EMN) will host its 10th annual conference on June 25 and 26 in Stockholm. The conference will focus on finding solutions to the problems faced by the microfinance

5 Lessons in Microfinance from Eastern Europe

Microfinance Focus Europe, 26 March 2013: Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) based in Eastern Europe are generally more established and experienced than those in Western European nations. More than 73% of Eastern European MFIs were created between 1980 and 1999.

Kiva Zip and the Potential for Expanded Outreach in the European Market

Microfinance Focus Europe, 11 February 2013:, pioneer of the online individual microcredit-lending platform, is at it again. The "hottest nonprofit on the planet€¯ – as Fortune recently dubbed it – is fashioning a new person-to-person lending platform

Crowdinvesting Potentially Means Big Change for European/American Entrepreneurs

Microfinance Focus Europe, 6 February 2013: With this year€™s approval of President Obama€™s JOBS Act in the United States, "crowdinvestment€¯ has become a buzzword among the start-up community. Though the SEC still has to build a regulatory structure