About Microfinance Focus Europe

Microfinance Focus Europe is a knowledge management service, established to inform and connect the emerging microfinance sector in Europe.

We provide industry updates, exclusive interviews, expert opinions, current research, as well as an information-sharing platform for those involved in European microfinance. Other services include coverage of microfinance conferences, brand development and entrepreneur outreach.

Mission Statement

We aim to support sustainable growth of the microfinance sector in Europe by encouraging collaboration and discussion.

Sustainable growth of european microfinance requires the continued education and connection of both entrepreneurs and microfinance institutions. Microfinance Focus Europe provides the knowledge base necessary for this process.

As the microfinance sector in Europe is being established, access to information regarding regulations, best practices and client protection services will be especially valuable. Through the creation of platforms for sharing knowledge and innovation, we can ensure that European microfinance institutions and entrepreneurs ultimately gain access to the assistance they need to build thriving businesses that support their families and communities.