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Peter van Dijk is a lawyer by training with over twenty years of experience in working in financial sector development, development projects. Peter has worked in international organisations (such as the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission) and in and with governments and central banks in Africa, Asia and Central Europe.
Peter believes that Microfinance has a strong potential in sustained poverty alleviation, job creation, production and business development when being able to integrate all areas and citizens of a country into the formal financial sector. He is therefore not a great supporter of Microfinance defined as micro-lending to people, businesses, areas, for socio-political objectives and funded by foreign donors, charities or government departments.
All citizens, but especially poor and marginalised people, require professional assistance in managing the little money they depend on to plan and improve their livelyhoods, often in an environment of insecurity, instability and without education and other public support. In his opinion banks, non-bank financial institutions and MFIs should thus work with local public bodies to develop a framework within which all so far unbanked people shall be banked soon and that the latter have protected rights to and with these services as much as normal bank clients are used to.


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