Mr Sanjay Sinha

Mr. Sanjay Sinha is an alumnus of Oxford University and holds an M.Phil. in Economics from Jesus College, Oxford University. He has 30 years of economic and development research experience in South and Southeast Asia. He has specialized in sub-sector analysis of activities of relevance to the livelihoods of poor people, microenterprise promotion and BDS in addition to microfinance. He is co-founder of EDA Rural Systems Private Limited, one of the leading development consultancies in Asia and parent company of M-CRIL.He pioneered the development of credit rating framework for MFIs and has been instrumental in mainstreaming credit rating and flow of commercial funds to the sector. He has provided consultancy to international organizations like UNDP, ADB & ILO, authored numerous sector reports during his career and has published extensively in major journals as well as in the print media. Acknowledging his achievements and contribution to the sector, Sanjay Sinha was inducted as a Member of the UN Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors.


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