Microfinance Media Buzz: July 20, 2011

Microfinance Media buzz brings a compilation of industry headlines broadcasted by other news media from across the world.


1. DH: Mobile commerce awaits a rural destiny in India

How do you like the idea of paying bus fare by just flashing your mobile phone before the Conductor? (Read More) News Published by: Deccan Herald


2. RB: Monitise brings mobile payments to Nigeria

Monitise founder Alastair Lukies – currently on a trade mission with PM David Cameron in sub-Saharan Africa – on bringing mobile banking and payments services to Nigeria (Read More) News Published by: Real Business


3. Guardian: City bonus row is reignited after £14bn is paid out

Banks have failed to tackle the rampant City bonus culture that helped trigger the financial crisis, according to unions and anti-poverty campaigners, who pointed to official figures showing that the sector grabbed bonuses last year worth £14bn. (Read More) News Published by: Guardian UK


4. ToI: Banks told to reach another 1.2 lakh villages in 15 months

Banks have been asked to reach another 1.2 lakh villages over the next 15-odd months to cover all villages that have a population of 1,000-2,000 in what is being described as the third round of banking push. (Read More) News Published by: Times of India


5. AFP: Wage protests shut Yunus's Bangladesh factory

A top Bangladeshi garment factory, run as a "social" enterprise by Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus, has been shut after workers staged violent protests over wages, police said Wednesday. (Read More) News Published by: Agence France-Presse


6. ET: Pranab Mukherjee's constituency Jangipur: 20 bank branches, liitle business

A familiar script will play out in a few days when Oriental Bank of Commerce inaugurates its branch in Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee's constituency Jangipur, the 22nd bank branch here since 2008 when Mukherjee took charge as FM. (Read More) News Published by: The Economic Times


7. ET: Manish Khera: The success stories of business

It is one of the success stories of the business of providing basic banking services to the unbanked in villages of India. (Read More) News Published by: The Economic Times


8. CBN: Focus On Untapped Insurance Market

South Africa has an untapped micro-insurance market which provides insurance companies with vast opportunities to sell low-cost insurance products. (Read More) News Published by: Cape Business News


9. SEM: US$61.1M for Water & Sanitation

A grant of approximately US$42.1million from African Development Fund (ADF) and a loan of US$19 million from OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) – totaling US$ 61.1million have been provided to improve access to adequate water and sanitation services. (Read More) News Published by: Sierra Express Media


10. Guardian: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation expands its sanitation programme

The foundation has announced millions of dollars of funding for sanitation services in poor countries over the next few years and 'expects to be the key funder for innovation in this sector' (Read More) News Published by: Guardian UK

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